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Irish Metal Detecting Society

A Green Light For Change


Regarding the laws and regulations pertaining to Metal Detecting in Ireland.

The hobby of Metal Detecting has become more popular over recent years in our Country.

Many people of all ages have taken up the hobby of  Metal Detecting for various reasons some because of health issues others because of loneliness or just simply the quest to learn more about our heritage.

Whatever the reason there can be no doubt our hobby has become very popular and legal issues need to be addressed.

The Irish Metal Detecting Society have in the region of 2700 members with new members joining each day.

All our members agree we need to move our hobby forward within the law and to this end we seek your help.

Our main issues are access to state lands such as beaches, parks, waterways, forests and other state lands where many other groups already enjoy the hobby of their choice.

We would also like to see the issue of boundaries near archaeological sites and national monuments clearly addressed.

This would allow us to have phone apps constructed that would warn us that we are approaching archaeological sites and national monuments so we avoid any breach of current laws.

I urge you to read about our hobby and take on board our aspirations to work with the government, law makers and archaeologists for a fair and inclusive system for all our community.


The Irish Metal Detecting Society seeks to protect and enhance the richness, quality and diversity of our Heritage join us make change Happen.


Yours sincerely,


Frank Jones